We asked one of our D1 athletes how Cizr helps them!

In my freshman year of college tennis, my coach would put a camera on the back of my court and upload it to Youtube in the hopes that I would later watch the match in its entirety. As a student-athlete, watching the full 2-hour match is quite honestly, way too time-consuming. Although I care deeply about my tennis game, I spend hours a day practicing on the court, and the remainder of my day I am busy completing academic responsibilities. However, with the addition of CIZR to our program, I can now watch a two-hour match compressed into 20 minutes of action. I don’t have two hours, but I have 20 minutes. Not only am I watching my matches, but I am learning from them. The stats don’t lie; when I see myself play, it becomes clear how I won, and how I lost points. It is apparent that I have the most success when I am aggressive and moving forward. It is clear when I get pushed too far behind the baseline and fall behind in rallies. Another aspect that becomes distinct is the momentum shifts that occur throughout a match. When I watch myself in this compressed format, weaknesses, strengths, momentum, is magnified. After just a few months of using CIZR, I am more aware of these factors and better able to learn from each match.