Using video in tennis, a must at every level!

Technology within sport is improving all the time. In tennis, for example, recent developments have seen innovative technology, such as Hawk-Eye, welcomed on to the professional tour. Not only does Hawk-Eye help when making line calls in tournaments, but it’s also used to improve television coverage.

However, not all technological developments in tennis are seen on the court, during a match. Some are used behind the scenes and one aspect which has grown in recent years, is video technology. Players, such as Andy Murray, have been using video and statistical analysis, to improve their performance level. Murray has commented on how he views the videos himself, notes down anything he sees which needs improvement and then sets about working on that area of his game.

Many tennis players, outside of the top 100, may feel this scientific analysis is out of their reach, but it’s not, thanks to Cizr provides a full analysis of your tennis match, along with detailed statistics. The great thing about the service is you can send a video of your matchplay and Cizr will do all the work for you. Within 24 to 48 hours, you will be able to analyze your matches and stats quickly and easily, pulling out the relevant information. It’s possible to share your video with other people, so coaches can also take a look at your videos and statistical data.

Video analysis can help to improve your tennis performance, whether you are an amateur, club player, college player or professional. It’s possible to slow things down and pick out aspects of technique on particular shots, which need improvement. When trying to improve, being able to look back on videos and seeing the positive difference your coaching is having, is fantastic. It’s actual, physical evidence of your tennis game getting better and this also adds to your confidence level when on the court. Using video to analyze your tennis does not only focus on things which need improving, but it’s also good to spend time on the things you are already doing well. Watching yourself on the screen will reinforce the positive aspects of your tennis game. By viewing them, it becomes possible to build on them and integrate them further into your game.

It’s very easy to find good quality cameras for low prices, and that’s all you need to get started. Once you have the match filmed, you need not worry about having to watch through it all, only send it to Cizr, we will do the rest.

If video analysis is good enough for the world number two, then it must be worth a try, for players of all levels. Thanks to Cizr, it’s a tool which is now available to everyone.