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Sign up for a free account

Sign up for an account, which gives you immediate access to demo matches to try out the system.  Once you have an account existing Cizr users can share matches that they have uploaded with you.  All they need is your email address.

Upload your video

Once you have your account, you can install our special upload software, which allows you to easily send videos to Cizr from your computer.  Just enter in some basic information, drag and drop the video files onto the uploader, and our customer uploader will compress the video and send it to the cloud.

Start Analyzing

Once you upload the videos, Cizr’s system will process it, extracting out all the point play and statistics.  Within about 24-48 you will get an email telling you your match is complete.

Log in and start using our tools.


All the matches you upload, and all the matches that are shared with you are kept in your Cizr Match library for easy access and searching.


Use Cizr’s custom video player and stats to quickly analyze your matches and pull out the relevant video.


Cizr automatically edits and tags your match for you.  Jump right into analyzing the match without spending hours tracking what happened.


Use any digital video camera to capture the video.  Cizr accepts all major video formats, including MP4, MOV, AVI, and Quicktime.


Download the full quality edited video, or select your favorite points and create a highlight video.  Post to YouTube or Facebook with just a few clicks.


Share your video with anyone with a Cizr account.  They can use the same analysis tools and custom video player to view the match.  They have access as long as it is in your Cizr Match Library

Start analyzing your tennis matches immediately!

Sign up for a Cizr account, get some video of yourself playing, and then start improving!

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Cizr gives amateur tennis players the same tools as the pros. Work on strategy and tactics by analyzing full matches. See how your technique breaks down in pressure situations.

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