We asked one of our D1 athletes how Cizr helps them!

In my freshman year of college tennis, my coach would put a camera on the back of my court and upload it to Youtube in the hopes that I would later watch the match in its entirety. As a student-athlete, watching the full 2-hour match is quite honestly, way too time-consuming. Although I care deeply […]

Using video in tennis, a must at every level!

Technology within sport is improving all the time. In tennis, for example, recent developments have seen innovative technology, such as Hawk-Eye, welcomed on to the professional tour. Not only does Hawk-Eye help when making line calls in tournaments, but it’s also used to improve television coverage. However, not all technological developments in tennis are seen […]

Sending a match to Cizr

Once you have a match recorded, how do you send it to Cizr for analysis? Once you are in your library there is the option to upload through your browser. Just click on the link, fill out your match information and we take it from there!

Choosing a Camera

Any standard video camera can record a tennis match, but if you are going out to buy one specifically for tennis, there are a few things to look for: Wifi capability Probably the most important feature is wifi capability which lets you view the picture and control the camera remotely from a smartphone.  The most […]