Where did the name Cizr come from?

First, it’s pronounced like “scissor”.

The core of Cizr is our automated video editing capability, which we like to think of as a pair of automated scissors.

Can you do other sports besides tennis?

The mission of Cizr goes beyond tennis.  The amount of video being collected is increasing tremendously, but our ability to consume it isn’t.  Our answer at Cizr is to train computers to watch this video for us, save the useful sections, and pull out relevant information into a more consumable form.

While we are passionate about tennis,  our mission at Cizr is to expand our capabilities to provide automated video editing for other sports, and in other areas of video editing and analysis outside of sports.

If you are interested in using Cizr’s capabilities outside of tennis, email us at info@cizr.com and we can see if our platform can be made to work for you.

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Cizr gives amateur tennis players the same tools as the pros. Work on strategy and tactics by analyzing full matches. See how your technique breaks down in pressure situations.

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