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Cizr provides you with a full video analysis of your tennis match along with professional stats.  Cizr takes your video and extracts just the points to compress a two hour match into 20 minutes of action.  Use our custom video player to jump instantly to the critical situations, or create highlight videos of any parts you’d like to download and share.

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Your video

Put any video camera at one end of the court and record your entire match. Then use our special upload application to transfer it securely and quickly to Cizr for processing. There is no special hardware to buy and no need to use a specially equipped court. We accept any video format and can handle huge files.

No Boring Parts

Cizr's technology compresses a two hour match to just 20 minutes of video by removing all of the down time. You don't waste time watching yourself pick up balls and grab water during changeovers. We provide a custom video player that allows you to navigate through the match to any point you want and has a professional score box so you always know where you are.


Get all the statistics for your match. All the basic stats such as serve, return, groundstrokes, and rally length. Plus, the stats are fully linked to the video so that you can instantly analyze anything you find in the stats.


Take you favorite points from any of your matches and quickly create a highlight video that you can share on YouTube or Facebook. Whether it was a blazing ace or a crazy point, with Cizr you'll never miss a moment.

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Cizr gives amateur tennis players the same tools as the pros. Work on strategy and tactics by analyzing full matches. See how your technique breaks down in pressure situations.

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